The Most Expensive Public Transport

From supercars to the spacecraft - the machines "burn" money faster than others - gasoline.

1. Bugatti Veyron
Bugatti Veyron
The cost per mile (1 mile = 1.6 km): $ 18

Car Bugatti has always been an expensive toy. $ 350,000 will cost the car itself. 36 cents per mile for gasoline does not seem so exorbitant price, but the more mileage, the more expensive car maintenance

2. Queen Mary 2
Queen Mary 2
The cost per mile: $ 245

The ship can simultaneously accommodate 2,640 passengers. It's $ 0,092 per mile per passenger, excluding maintenance and the cost of the team.

Every hour, the Queen Mary 2 burns about three tons of fuel. Each ton costs $ 650. Taking into account all of the costs, every hour of the ship costs $ 7350. During the cruise ship is moving at a speed of about 30 miles per hour.

3. Air Force One (Presidential aircraft)
Air Force One - Presidential Aircraft
The cost per mile: $ 306.78

Cost of the mission of the American presidential plane - about 180 thousand dollars. Flight, for example, from Los Angeles to New York takes 4 hours and 47 minutes. The distance between the airports of these cities is 2806.4 miles.

Plus escort.

In the year goes from 1.4 to 1.8 billion dollars.

4. Spaceship
The cost per mile: $ 390

The spacecraft cost a bit more expensive than the plane of Obama. The cost of the ship itself is about $ 200 billion, the number of miles for which they are intended - about 500 million. It turns out $ 390 per mile.

5. The International Space Station
The International Space Station
The cost per mile: $ 484.65

At least, that was three years ago.

6. NASA crawler transporter
NASA crawler transporter
Saturn V rocket
The cost per mile: $ 502,80

Transportation spacecraft is not cheap.

There are two copies of this transporter. In total, over 47 years of existence, they have done about 3400 miles. One gallon of fuel is enough to drive less than 13 meters. To operate each machine requires a team of highly paid professionals from 30 people.

7. Saturn V rocket
The cost per mile: $ 2,400

It's a space ship in which Neil Armstrong flew to the moon. Its engine runs on liquid hydrogen and oxygen.

8. Aircraft carrier of the "Nimitz"
Aircraft carrier of the "Nimitz"
The cost per mile: $ 2 626.81

160 million a year just goes on staff salaries.

Add to this the cost of fuel and maintenance facilities, it will come about $ 400 million a year. Plus the cost of the aircraft carrier - $ 4.5 billion. Divide by years of service (40 years) and get $ 530 million a year, or $ 1.45 million per day.

9. Top Fuel dragsters class
Top Fuel dragsters class
The cost per mile: $ 21,000

This includes the short life of the car, and the need for constant change of parts and fuel consumption.

10. Lunar rover program "Apollo"
Lunar rover program "Apollo"
The cost per mile: $ 5.9 billion

To this rover has done just 18 miles, it had to be first transported to the moon. Given the development of the device, which cost $ 17.2 billion in 1969, $ 5.9 billion is obtained by a mile in terms of money in 2013.

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